New Fiction in Hotel Amerika

Very happy to learn I have a strange fiction coming out soon in Columbia College’s Hotel Amerika. Big thanks to Managing and Associate Editor Adam McOmber and the HA editorial staff! […]

This story is yet another study of contemporary American domestic life, and it yet again picks on a Midwestern suburban father and his obsession with his child’s artistic future.  I have no idea why this dynamic interests me, but I thought I’d post about it today, briefly, here, on Father’s Day, 2014.

The piece is titled “Up To and Including Our Limits,” and–in an effort to explore new ways to pick on American dudes–it’s an attempt to entangle myself with the breathtaking work of Carolee Schneemann.

I hope it’s fun.  I hope it’s somehow useful. I don’t know. I’m definitely grateful, Hotel Amerikathat you’re willing to give it some air.