GSU New South Fiction Contest *Winners Announced*

A privilege I take very seriously to have been selected as Fiction Judge for the New South Fiction Contest this year, and I think I was served up about twelve of the strongest stories I’ve read in a long time. The editors of New South sifted through what I imagine was a bulky stack of very strong submissions, and they passed along twelve remarkable stories–stories compelling and complex in content and form–and while it wasn’t necessarily hard to select a winner from this batch, I would like to simply say that it was very hard to say “no” to the others.  Because they were exceptional stories.  In the end, the winners and runners-up were selected, and I am very happy to share what’s already been shared:

  1. FIRST PLACE: “The Queen,” by Che Yuen
  2. SECOND PLACE: “A Thousand and One All Fleeing America,” by Jeffrey Wasserboehr
  3. THIRD PLACE: “The Moment of Departure,” by Dana Shwartz