The West Chester, PA start-up incubator and lab Walnut Street Labs in West Chester invited me out for a reading from SCANDAMERICAN DOMESTIC and a really nice Q|A about twenty-first century storytelling last week. The audience-collaborators were funny and smart, and the host–the formidable speedster Chris Dima–wore me down until I at last conceded the merits of social media in “communicating stories to people.” […]

Chris has been not only a friend to me, but he’s been enormously helpful in helping me get my website up and running — and in helping me better understand the place for Twitter and Facebook and social media generally in the life of today’s artists.  I’m not entirely sold on this, but I like his position and articulation of it, and the work he’s done for me on the website/blog and my Facebook author’s page has been very generous and helpful.

His team and/or co-conspirators at WSL were also hilarious and fun — Henry Ventura and Benjamin Andrew have been–in particular–really helpful.  But the whole team recorded the event in full (if you have an our to kill, kill it here) and then put together this nutty mash-up round-up of the event!

Thank you, WSL!