Brooklyn Rail, Matt Bell, Scandamerican Domestic

Matt Bell and The Brooklyn Rail recently invited me to chat about Scandamerican Domestic, and that interview went live at the Brooklyn Rail just a few days ago. I could not feel more fortunate! Matt Bell is of course the most generous and gracious man in letters today, and he was kind enough to […]

let me talk about my indulgent graduate school writing, as well as my concerns for “dumb dudes” in the world today.  He let me rant about the “scripts” most people in the midwest seem to struggle to subvert, and he let talk about the traditions of literature or literary study that most interest me.  Here’s one such notation of mine:

I don’t have a problem joining a tradition, and the tradition of writing that I would like to believe I am trying to join is a tradition in literature that sees its work as socially engaged, socially and politically conscious. I criticize men, and I criticize contemporary and historical understandings of masculinity, which I find complacent, and which I find rampant and celebrated in much of my “home” of the American Midwest.

I feel really fortunate to have had this opportunity to talk with Matt Bell — and in a forum as heady and cool as BR is just over the top.

Here’s the full interview: Dismay as Revelation