Shelf Awareness Book Brahmin Feature

I am very grateful that Shelf Awareness has been good enough to feature me and Scandamerican Domestic for their January 24, 2014 Book Brahmin: Daily Enlightenment for the Book Trade segment!  Click above for full post…

Basically, the good people at Shelf Awareness asked me a few questions they ask all their featured authors (Favorite Book When You Were a Child, Your Top Five Authors, Book You’ve Bought For the Cover, etc), and I tried to succinctly respond. To the question, Book That Changed Your Life?  I answered:

I read Ann Charters’ The Story and Its Writer–an anthology–with an amazing class of my undergraduate peers at St. Olaf College in the winter of 1996. This changed my life, and it convinced me of the ethical force of literature and that books–like just about everything else–are best read in collaboration, in community, with a driven consciousness of a common good.

It’s true: I will never forget that group, and I will never forget some of the great stories we read together. We were spending a January-long semester in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State in an abandoned copper mining village called Holden Village reading short fiction under the leadership of the amazing David Wee. It changed everything for me–that time and those stories and those people with whom I discussed stories.  I am very grateful for it.

Interesting: the group of us wasn’t large that semester at Holden Village, maybe ten of us total.  One of them was Nina McConigley, author of Cowboys and East Indians, a wonderful book by a really great writer and person.

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