Largehearted Boy posts SDs Book Notes!

So awesome to create an annotated playlist for Scandamerican Domestic at Largehearted Boy’s Book NotesThank you, David Gutowski and Largehearted Boy for the invitation, and for creating such a cool space–and for including me!  Here is a small example of me searching for musical words to help better understand my writing and work…

I really don’t know much about music at all, which I discuss/explain in the full post, but I do my best and here are two of my silly remarks:

Of Bon Iver’s “Calgary”

“Bon Iver has captured the sound of masculinity that most interests me (and most characterizes the voice of my male protagonists in Scandamerican Domestic) – bewitched, effete, needlessly and pointlessly desperate, willfully confused.”

Of Pearl Jam’s “Black”

I’m interested in the relationship between authentic anger and the popularizing of “authentic anger,” which seemed to be so well engineered in the 1990s. Look at the cover to this album (Ten 1990) – all these very angry dudes with their hands held up together. Amazing. I think most of the men in my stories live with great conviction about the importance of anger in their lives, especially the popularized, engineered variety.

Full Jump:Larghearted Boy’s Book Notes for Christopher Merkner’s The Rise & Fall of the Scandamerican Domestic